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Not Your Typical Solar Storm

This week we want to discuss our understanding of what is happening now and has been occurring since June of 2017 when a move by the light was made to facilitate the end to a great oppressive force. Chess move after chess move has been occurring in the “heavens” since, with those of us here on earth being left to feel our way through it…… or as we have been told at times, “To just survive it.”

The reality of life for many people during this time has not been one of glorious happiness 24/7. As we have said before, the thought of only having happy thoughts is not balanced and not how a human should be. It is our understanding that such teachings were implanted by negative beings to stunt human growth and potential. However, for many, maintaining a balanced set of feelings and emotions has been very challenging at times since June.But why??? Especially when you feel you have put forth effort to learn and grow to maintain a balance. Many are asking themselves this and feeling quite bad that they cannot seem to “Get it together.” There are those as well who may not be suffering from extreme emotions,….but there is a melancholy about. So what is this about? Am I failing? Am I not progressing??

If any of this is running through your mind, we ask you to please stop. Please stop and listen to what we have to say. Yes, we agree with many that there are energies streaming in. But we feel it is a bit more complicated than others have stated. This is not your typical solar storm. The energies streaming our way are chalked full of multiple intentions by multiple players. Some are benevolent and some are not. Some of these energies are coming in to help us grow into a new and enhanced way of being and some are streaming in to re-yolk us into domination and control. And thus the roller coaster ride many feel they are on.

There is no better truth out there right now than the one which states…..”Times are a changing.” This is truth in the “heavens” and on earth. In fact, we feel a more accurate conception of what is happening to us now is not a solar storm of energy, but a “Time storm”, a critical passage through the mirage of potential negativity that we have elected not to experience again. So, let us say this again….. A critical passage through the mirage of potential negativity that we have elected not to experience again. Yes, empowerment….we elected to move on….not doing this again. We were not saved, we did this ourselves. That is the only way the galactics could do as they have done. So put your big boy and big girl panties on, because we have chosen to move on. Congratulations, for we are more securely on this new and ever unfolding timeline than ever before.

But alas, they are to the last breath. And the negative forces will seize upon all opportunities to try and get us to co-create what was or at least create a future where they are transformed into seemingly harmless titans of domination and control. So now there is a choice….drag this change out by electing to stay apart of the drama, or feel defeated and chose to move back onto the 3D timeline……or learn new skill to recognize and break free of the old paradigm completely. What say you?

For us, we have been head deep into figuring this all out and discovering methods on how to disengage and move on. And now is the time to talk about it. So, come join us. A little understanding and change in perspective may be all you need right now to help you feel more empowered and sovereign. Or at least we think so.

Chris, Joanna, and Katryna

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